Knowledge is something that is never ending. As I look back through the years, I have spend a huge amount of time studying for school and university. As a person, I like learning new things on many different subjects. That is why I pursued two master degrees and I finished studying at the age of 28. From this time on, I love reading books and novels and getting knowledge through the web. I will give you some ideas for those who are willing to enrich their knowledge and have already finish their studies or those who are willing to combine knowledge and pleasure.
London College of Fashion offers a really wide variety of different courses from Photography to Pattern Cutting. When I visited their website I said " Ok, this is one of my next steps! To visit London for three or four weeks and spend my time at the university in order to follow short courses". The courses that were of interest to me were: Sustainability- The impact of Marketing and Communication, Photography and Styling, Fashion Design, and Business Management. Another activity at London College of Fashion of great interest is the dual city course where you spend three days in London and three days in Paris, exploring the two different cultures from the visual merchandising perspective.
If you wish to learn a foreign language there are plenty of different campuses all over the world where you can spend some time learning the language in the country where it is spoken, enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, enrich you horizons and connect with new people. For instance, I am fluent in greek, english, french, and italian. I would love to spend two to three months in Barcelona to learn Spanish. It would be easy for me since I have a good knowledge of french and italian. So, take advantage of these fantastic programs and travel abroad for fun and adventure!