Well, as I mentioned in my previous suspension, at this point I exercise and follow a diet simultaneously. When you read diet do not take into consideration that I eat one carrot and one cuccumber per day. This is totally dangerous and destroys your health. As most of us at some point, I gained some extra kilos by eating chocolates and fast food and watching movies with large portions of pop corn. When I reached the point when I couldn't fit my favorite pair of jeans the panic and anger came up. You should keep in mind that every single action we do daily passes first through our brain and then becomes an action. So my friend I took a piece of paper and wrote down the pros and cons of being fat and happy on one side and healthy and fit on the other side. The weight rolled at the fit side of the coin.
Well, it is not a big issue! Either you do it or not! Period.
I have to confess that first I started exercising and eating healthy food in big portions cause my stomach used to receive large portions. After a while I made the portions smaller and smaller. Right now I have come in terms with my weight and my old ego and I eat small quantities many times per day. Let me give you an example of my everyday diet: A banana and a filter cofee in the morning, cooked food for lunch which means a small plate of chicken with boiled potatoes and a salad. But watch out- A SMALL PORTION! Then I have a filter coffee and a bar of cereals in the afternoon, I then exercise and I finish my diet with an early dinner, again small portion of what I had for lunch! Through the day If I feel unhappy, stressed or hungry I have a fresh orange juice, a fruit or a yogurt with honey and walnuts.

 During weekends I love eating a small portion of LACTA chocolate or tasty chips. However, be careful because this happens once or twice a week! In this way I do not feel that I am on a diet and I am happy with this schedule I follow! Now, I weight 50 kilos and I am extremely happy for that cause I am sure that I will keep following this schedule for a long period of time! And a last advice for following this schedule: One step at a time and brainwashing on eating healthy food! Remember: Your body is like a machine that needs to be filled with energy to function! Do not throw garbage in it! I never went to a diet expert and I never followed strict diets! So my friend, if you need to lose some weight effectively and efficiently take the decision and start on Monday morning!
Now that we saw one of the easiest ways to keep fit and healthy through my own experience next time I will give you the best recipe EVER for a hot melted chocolate temptation! Oh my God! When I wrote this down the taste of this delicious cake just came into my mouth!!!!After all, I think you deserve it for a Saturday gathering...