Well, before I was born, my parents used to have pets. By the time I was able to talk I played with my yorkshire terrie! It was the first relationship I was into, after my parents, my brother and my sisters.
If I turn back time I can remember playing with my sister and our dogs in the back yard of our house. As kids, we used to have fun with our dogs by wearing them clothes and shoes, painting their eyes with an eyeliner and trying to be their boss. If you are wondering what kind of dogs we used to have let me try to remember...Well, the kind that we used to have through the years were: doberman, labrador, yorkshire terrie, wolf dog, fox terrie and chihuahua.
Let me share with you two stories from the past that are really into my mind:
1) When I was a child I was playing in the playground which was close to our house. Suddenly, I saw a bush that was moving. I went closer and I saw a beautiful white puppie that was looking at me. Immediatelly I took it in my hands and went to my mother to show it. I can remember myself telling her: "Can we keep it"?. My mother couldn't say no so the puppie became ours. However, as the puppie grew older, and as you can imagine we had to give it a name, it was after all deaf. Poor little thing! When it reached two years old as kids we used to have fun with it by beating our hands close to it while it was sleeping with no response. After all this dog learned to communicate with us by gestures. Can you imagine? There was a sign for coming to us in order to pat it, a sign when it did something bad and its eyes when we were angry were looking sad!! It was the best pet ever!! It was a maverick but it couldn't get sweetest!
2) The second story is a little bit scary! It was the time when we used to own two dobermans. I was 15 years old and I was playing with the male one. I wanted to make it sit down so I grabbed him from the strap and I gave him command to sit down. After a while the dog was stubborn as a mule and didn't want to do anything. So, I forced him once more to sit down and he pounced upon me with its mouth wide open! I ended up having three stitches!!!
All in all, dogs can be the best companion for human beings! So cute, so sweet, so faithful!!
After some years, I would like to have a female french bulldog (the cuttiest face ever, like a mouse!) and a male black labrador! I am so into this time that I have already found their names: Chloe for the female and Sebastian for the male!In the picture you can see the beautiful ladies that "decorate" my home!