January is the month of sale! Everyone looks for the greatest offers and tries to combine good quality and low price! Nowadays, the financial crisis has hit most of the European countries and not only. People try to satisfy neccesities and luxury items have been forgotten. Even me, that I am a consuming freak I look for bargains and I do not waste my time and money on expensive things. In the past, I used to spend all my earnings on clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and scarves. I used to visit the hairdresser once a month for highlights and get my nails done every week. However, let me tell you something. Each one of us lives in a family, in a society, in a city, in a country. Each one of us is part of a greater social community and network. Each one of us is influenced from the person next to him. I live in Greece. When you see stressed, sad and overwhelmed people around you, you act in the same way. What I want to say is that personally, I do not feel like spending money and go have fun when at the same time families cannot afford to buy food or shelter. It is really very sad!
So my friend, the greek crisis has reached the point that everyone watches the news to see what is going to happen tomorrow. Greeks are like babies that are waiting mother's food. The mother here is the Prime Minister. We are prisoners in our own country. And the trap is of high danger! However, the purpose of this blog is to make you feel happy when you read the lines and try to get rid of your problems and anxiety for a few minutes. This was just a parenthesis for the greek reality. Maybe some other time I will dig into that. Sorry, but It was just the flow of writing. So, let's get back to the point.
Let me share with you how I deal with the financial crisis on a consumer's perspective. First, I enjoy a long walk in the mall with my dog just for window shopping. When the weather allows it, I go outdoors to get some sun. I watch carefully the displays and select the items I like. A cup of coffee really helps you concentrating. I get inside and see if it suits me and if I can afford it. Definitely, I will not buy it immediatelly. Maybe I will ask politely if they can keep it for me for a couple of days in order to decide. This is a smart tip if you cannot afford the item at that point of time. In this way I visit shops and try to identify what is really missing from my wardrobe, or what I really need for a special occasion. I have to confess that I go window shopping many times per week and in a shopping district in the south suburbs of Athens you can see the same things in the same place with the same price! It is unbelievable! In Greece you have to pay attention with the deals when you buy something. There are a lot of businessmen that can cheat. For instance, during sale, they display clothes that they used to have two years ago cause they have it in their stock and they present it as previous season. Another trap that I felt into was a pair of shoes I bought from well known chain store two weeks ago. I don't know if they did it by mistake but just read what happened to me: I wanted to buy a pair of high heels that cost about 70 euros. It was new season because they were placed on Spring 2012 display. I loved them! I said ok and I bought them. The other day, I passed by and I saw my brand new fashionable shoes, ON SALE! Can you imagine?They had 30% discount. In Greece the only thing you can say when something unfortunate happens to you is "Next time I will be luckier"!
So, the issue is: If you happen to be in Greece during sale period take your time and pay attention to cheaters. Remember: You are not during sale period at Harrods or Barneys waiting from 6 a.m for the store to open to be the first who will get the Louis Vuitton bag or Burberry coat because the Japanese girl from Tokyo will grab it from your hands! Easy boy! Well, if sale in London Milan, Paris, New York or Tokyo is a psychedelic music party, sale period in Greece is a slow music party!!