In the year of 1992 Disneyland Paris opened its doors. To celebrate 20 years of fun and adventure in this Disney Park, I will give you my insights on my trip to Disneyland, France.
Having everything packaged and the tickets in our hands my family and I, was ready for an adventurous trip! Actually, back then it was Easter break of 92 and it was exactly when Eurodisney started operating. As a child, it was one of my biggest dreams to get a photo with Mickey Mouse, get to the roller coaster and visit the marvelous castle with the "real dragon" in a big cage. We stayed at Disney's hotel Santa Fe which was of Mexican style. What was of great impression to me, as I can remember, was the decoration of the hotel room. On the night table next to the bed there was a fantastic mexican boot with a bulb on the top. We were of the first visitors of Disney Park and Mini Mouse and Pluto were offering lollipops and candies. Inside the whole park one could hear music at the background. The gardens were full of colourful flowers of all kind. I am sure I was a pain in the stomach to my mom cause I wanted to buy EVERYTHING, to get into EVERY single train, to taste ALL candies and burgers and to get photos with ALL Disney heroes! The funny thing is that when we were there we had a camera to capture the moments.
When I go back into this at this point of time and watch the video of the trip to Eurodisney I can hear myself screaming like a fool!! Now that I am much older not having my own family yet, I can't wait for the day that I will travel to Eurodisney with my kids! It is such an experiece for them! Even for adults it is a trip back to their childhood. 

Happy 20th Anniversary Disneyland!!!
à bientôt!!

Yours, A