My dissertation at the university was a business trip to Hungary and Poland in order to go practically through a feasibility study for a multibrand store in Western Europe. I made my business plan, booked a ticket, grap a suitcase and a laptop and travelled to unknown places. Before my trip I had everything organized down on a piece of paper. This means that a knew beforehand that at a specific time and date I had to catch the train or plane and travel from one city to another.
But let's take things in details.
I visited the three biggest cities in Poland: Gdansk, Lodz and Warsaw. The mission was to visit big shopping malls and test if it is possible for an italian store with scarves and cravates to get a space in it. I had to test the location, the rent, the space and so on and so forth. I woke up early in the morning, had a breakfast and go for my investigation. At night I was returning back at the hotel and the only thing I wanted to do was to get some shower and sleep because the next day I had to catch the flight or train to visit another city.
In Hungary, I visited Budapest which is a wonderful city. There, I did my research and I had some extra time to go to the cinema, taste the local specialties, and have some walk at the local outdoor bazzars. The issue is that when I came back from this trip I had a camera with almost a 300 photoshoots, a laptop with plenty of written ideas and thougths, and a mind full of new adventure and pictures. The only thing that made me a little bit angry was that I had to travel during summer time, specifically the whole August, when others at the same time enjoyed the sea and the sun in an island...
Nevermind, the whole story was a great experience because it was a project for a real company with real numbers and cases.
I really enjoyed undertaking a project like that!