Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Απρίλιος, 2012


For ever...What a phrase!! Many people search for the love of their life in order to live together until death do them apart. Some others enjoy their company, this may be a friend, a relative, a dog, a job. What really matters in this life? In our days things have become worse and worse. It is easier to win the lotto than to meet, fall in love and live for ever ever after with the love of your life.
Through my experience, what matters is the moments. The happy instant moments that each one of has in his/her life. A coffee in the morning, a walk with our dog in the park, a delicious food, a laughter, a movie, an afternoon with tea and fire, a snowing mountain, a quiet lake, a blooming flower. In order to give you my point of view in this matter what makes me happy is to have a good company and laugh all the time, to go for vacation in a Greek magic island, to have a delicious dinner, to watch a comedy in the cinema with pop corn and coca cola, to play with my dogs, to remake old clothe…


Many people all over the world say that Santorini, Greece is a place that one has to visit before he dies. And this is true...I visit Santorini frequently, for work and pleasure and I love it! The people, the view, the food, the entertainment!
Let me now share with you the do's when you happen to visit Santorini. It is true that tourists visit the island all year long. In the month of January one can see Chinese and French people in town, enjoying the view and taking pictures. However, real tourism in Santorini starts from mid March to mid November.
Nice beaches include Perivolos and Kamari beach. They are both organized and very clean. In Perivolos you can also enjoy the many different beach bars which cover a long distance parallel to the sea.
Lunch: Greek food with steaks, greek salad, potatoes and tzatziki can be found on your way from Kamari to Fira. It is called "Kritikos" and it is a place to be during your stay.
Oia which is reachable by car or the local bus is …


Parties is something that everybody likes! People meet up with old and new friends, music is as loud as they can talk to each other and dance at the same time, finger food is on the table ready to be consumed, drinks are never ending and the story goes on until the first morning hours cause nobody is about to get you out of the house! You can stay as long as you wish!
As a kid, my mom used to organize for us the most succesful carnival parties! Everybody at school was anticipating for our carnival party date! I remember with nostalgia the moments when we were decorating the house with clowns and balloons! Catering with food, sweets and a huge clown cake was the surprise of the party! The music was so loud and so amusing that our breath was taken away! I can remember once that we had everything ready but the last minute it snowed so much that it was impossible for the little guests to come.. We organized transportation from all children houses to the party. As I grew older I continued…


As Easter and summer vacation approach, here are my secrets about do's at Mykonos. It is an island with plenty of positive energy and many things to do during the day and night. Beaches: Agios Sostis and Panormos if you want a boem style. Agios Sostis is a very large beach were you can spend half of your day relaxing and enjoying the sun and the sea. You will find no umbrellas or sun beds, neither a beach bar but you will meet the most loyal beach crowd on the island. This beautiful beach offers not only peace and quiet but a very good small restaurant. Panormos is a remote area reacheable only by private vehicle or taxi. There you can find one of the coziest and most relaxed all-day haunts in Mykonos.
Restaurants: Appalooza bar restaurant in Mykonos town: Mexican food from organic salads to nachos -burritos, indonesian noodles and chicken wings are only some of the delicious dishes that can accompany your sangria or margarita.
Alemagou: Ftelia beach. Dishes:well loved Greek recip…


One of these days I visited a store with biological type of food supplements and cosmetics and I got thrilled! I spent one hour in the shop by reading through the banners with the ingredients of each product and trying to decide what to buy.
I couldn't resist to the coconut water of Dr. Martins which is full of vitamins and zero calories, a refreshment that is being consumed by Victoria Secret models. 

A naturally grown dietary supplement full of proteins couldn't be missing from my shopping basket: And the name of it: Spirulina! Do not miss it, especially if you exercise or if you are a vegetarian.
Moreover, I bought a Macrovita sunscreen hydrating milk with protection filter of UVA, UVB and IR radiation and water resistant of course. It is composed of sunflower and olive oil, aloe vera, brazil nut and red grape and it smells summer!! 

Walking through the corridor, I reached the shelves with cosmetic products(!). My budget was much lower than the products that I wanted to buy! …


EUPHORIA [Gr. euphoria] an exaggerated feeling of well-being, especially irrational or groundless (Chambers) [Mod L. from Gr. euphoria, the power of bearing easily, from euphoros, bearing well; eu-, well, and pherein, to bear] a feeling of well-being; especially, in psychology, an abnormal feeling of buoyant vigour and health (Websters) A word used to express well-being, or the perfect ease and comfort of healthy persons, especially when the sensation occurs in a sick person. (OED).
In our days, people search for new ways to treat their spirit, mind and body in order to complete an extraordinary reviving and to get into a destressing experience. All over the world people visit spa centers and try the newest methods from gurus to feel better. If you have a look at magazines or TV, you will learn for the latest method that Madonna used to show younger or what Oprah did to fight stress. Fake tan through the procedure of solarium has given the perception that it provides the person with…