One of these days I visited a store with biological type of food supplements and cosmetics and I got thrilled! I spent one hour in the shop by reading through the banners with the ingredients of each product and trying to decide what to buy.
I couldn't resist to the coconut water of Dr. Martins which is full of vitamins and zero calories, a refreshment that is being consumed by Victoria Secret models. 

A naturally grown dietary supplement full of proteins couldn't be missing from my shopping basket: And the name of it: Spirulina! Do not miss it, especially if you exercise or if you are a vegetarian.
Moreover, I bought a Macrovita sunscreen hydrating milk with protection filter of UVA, UVB and IR radiation and water resistant of course. It is composed of sunflower and olive oil, aloe vera, brazil nut and red grape and it smells summer!! 

Walking through the corridor, I reached the shelves with cosmetic products(!). My budget was much lower than the products that I wanted to buy! In other words, I wanted everything! 

All in all, I was ok with:

A) a hair nutrition mask of Macrovita with red grape and wheat. The active ingredients that made my hair look gorgeous were: red grape (astringent and antioxidant), vegetable protein for strengthening hair, vitamin PP, which is the vital reason for reinforcing the production of collagen, avocado which is nourishing and hydrating, Provitamin B5 (emollient, healing, reconstructive) and last but not least, UV filter which is photoprotective.

B) a beauty peel-off mask with olive oil and white tea. Apart from these main ingredients, it has Calendula, Aloe Vera, Licorise, and Provitamin B5. 

I love getting back home, having a warm shower and trying all this out! 

TIP: Through my own experience, as is the moto of this blog let me tell you what I did this noon: I carefully cleaned my face, and then I put the peel-off mask by relaxing in the bed and waiting for the mask to dry cause it is of a kind that it needs to be taken off by slightly peeling upwards. As I was relaxing and listening to chill out music I fall asleep. The result was fantastic! I woke up after an hour and the mask on the my face was like a plaster! Perfect combination of time and mask action into the skin ready to take it off at once starting fom the chin! 

Your comments about my beauty secrets would be appreciated! It will stay between us!

Yours, A