Parties is something that everybody likes! People meet up with old and new friends, music is as loud as they can talk to each other and dance at the same time, finger food is on the table ready to be consumed, drinks are never ending and the story goes on until the first morning hours cause nobody is about to get you out of the house! You can stay as long as you wish!
As a kid, my mom used to organize for us the most succesful carnival parties! Everybody at school was anticipating for our carnival party date! I remember with nostalgia the moments when we were decorating the house with clowns and balloons! Catering with food, sweets and a huge clown cake was the surprise of the party! The music was so loud and so amusing that our breath was taken away! I can remember once that we had everything ready but the last minute it snowed so much that it was impossible for the little guests to come.. We organized transportation from all children houses to the party. As I grew older I continued to organize gatherings with nice company or parties with all my friends.
Here are the most noticeable tips for a night that will stay unforgettable:
1) Check out what kind of party is going to be: christmas party, carnival party, surprise party, bachelorette party? It is of great help to ask your best friend's advice and support
2) Send invitations through e mail and ask for a reply. There are many sites with online invitations, announcements or e cards for example: pingg. Either you can send it through facebook. All of us have a facebook account with people we have met sometime in our life.
3) Finger food is the best choice for a party. It doesn't cost much and guests enjoy much more something that it is easily eaten. For instance: carrot and cuccumber sticks, chips, peanuts, walnuts.
4) The music: Make sure you cover a variety of different kind of music in order to satisfy even the most weird desire. It always works! 

5) Make sure you have a guy with muscles at the door in order to avoid a bunch of uninvited people..Just kidding! But it is good for someone to check the entrance for security reasons.
6) Make sure there is a parking space for the guests. As you may already know, it is annoying not to find a place to park your car.
7) According to the theme of the party if you wish you can have some kind of decoration. There are plenty of stores outhere that can help you do that.
8) Do not panic at the last minute! You don't have to worry because everything is organized! Be aware that people need each other to have a good time and remember that everywhere under the worst circumstances is people connections that makes the difference!
9) One hour before the party begins, have a shower, dress up with your favorite and most comfortable outfit, have a glass of wine to relax and let the party begin! Put the greatest smile on your face and the rest is up to you!
Are you ready to organize the next best party?