For ever...What a phrase!! Many people search for the love of their life in order to live together until death do them apart. Some others enjoy their company, this may be a friend, a relative, a dog, a job. What really matters in this life? In our days things have become worse and worse. It is easier to win the lotto than to meet, fall in love and live for ever ever after with the love of your life.
Through my experience, what matters is the moments. The happy instant moments that each one of has in his/her life. A coffee in the morning, a walk with our dog in the park, a delicious food, a laughter, a movie, an afternoon with tea and fire, a snowing mountain, a quiet lake, a blooming flower. In order to give you my point of view in this matter what makes me happy is to have a good company and laugh all the time, to go for vacation in a Greek magic island, to have a delicious dinner, to watch a comedy in the cinema with pop corn and coca cola, to play with my dogs, to remake old clothes and shoes, to meet relatives, to enjoy the sunset, to eat icecream, to gallop with a horse at the beach, to travel in unknown places, to capture moments with my camera and to drink wine listening to my favorite music.
So far, I have understood that I am happy with my life with all these activities. Love is something you give and sometimes you get. You cannot control this feeling. Sometimes it comes, sometimes not. Be happy in all means if you are looking for love, and then as a miracle it will come in your life. My mother tells me that what matters is ourselves. The best thing that you can do is to be ok with yourself. Take care of yourself in the best possible way, have patience, and then all the other will follow. You have to be greatful for having the gift of life. We only have one life to live and this is precious cause life is short. Do not let others let you down and think first for yourself not selfishly but for the sake of others.
Love for ever...If it comes we are ready to give it a big hug. If not, for all of us there is something outhere that makes us happy. Do not give up and always be positive. Enjoy the little moments in life with your friends and relatives and take into consideration the things that I mentioned above which make me happy. 

It may work for you...

Yours, A