Many people all over the world say that Santorini, Greece is a place that one has to visit before he dies. And this is true...I visit Santorini frequently, for work and pleasure and I love it! The people, the view, the food, the entertainment!
Let me now share with you the do's when you happen to visit Santorini. It is true that tourists visit the island all year long. In the month of January one can see Chinese and French people in town, enjoying the view and taking pictures. However, real tourism in Santorini starts from mid March to mid November.
Nice beaches include Perivolos and Kamari beach. They are both organized and very clean. In Perivolos you can also enjoy the many different beach bars which cover a long distance parallel to the sea.
Lunch: Greek food with steaks, greek salad, potatoes and tzatziki can be found on your way from Kamari to Fira. It is called "Kritikos" and it is a place to be during your stay.
Oia which is reachable by car or the local bus is great during afternoon time. You can enjoy a unique sunset, freddo capuccino and greek sweets. You can also enter through unique shops with local goodies from scarves to sarrongs and art crafts.
Fira is great at night where you can enjoy your dinner at Koukoumavlos, a five star restaurant each of which plate brings enthousiasm and desire to taste. Do not miss to have your drink at Franco's, a place situated in front of Caldera with sea beds and classical music at the background. Coo or Tango are very nice clubs if you wish to continue your night out at the heart of Fira.
Cinekamari is an outdoor cinema on your way to Kamari. It is one of a kind! You can enjoy the movie relaxing in sea beds. The place has also a bar where you can sit, enjoy the movie and have your drink. The lighting is soft and the cinema is decorated with pine trees and mexican details.
All in all this island is very promising and has many activities for tourists to enjoy.
Medical tourism is also something very promising for Greek islands. Santorini Renal is an hemodialysis clinic for people who suffer from kidney failure. Patients now from all over the world can combine health with tourism in Santorini. The clinic is situated in Pyrgos, a village 10 minutes from the port and 10 minutes from the airport reachable by car. It is really a great opportunity beacause Santorini is an island with unique beauty.