EUPHORIA [Gr. euphoria] an exaggerated feeling of well-being, especially irrational or groundless (Chambers) [Mod L. from Gr. euphoria, the power of bearing easily, from euphoros, bearing well; eu-, well, and pherein, to bear] a feeling of well-being; especially, in psychology, an abnormal feeling of buoyant vigour and health (Websters) A word used to express well-being, or the perfect ease and comfort of healthy persons, especially when the sensation occurs in a sick person. (OED).
In our days, people search for new ways to treat their spirit, mind and body in order to complete an extraordinary reviving and to get into a destressing experience. All over the world people visit spa centers and try the newest methods from gurus to feel better. If you have a look at magazines or TV, you will learn for the latest method that Madonna used to show younger or what Oprah did to fight stress. Fake tan through the procedure of solarium has given the perception that it provides the person with natural bronzing effects and as a result makes him or her feel higher inside and outside.
All these methods are the magic touch of marketing. Without marketing all these treatments would not exist. We are in a period of crisis and things will get worse and worse according to the media. Now Greece has been hit the most but in the months to come Italy and Spain will follow. It is true that the crisis will hit deaper most of the European countries.
Let me share with you some tips about well being without having to spend a fortune.
First of all protective insolation provides people with euphoria. By being exposed to the sun we definItely feel directly better. A smile comes in our face and we are more open and sociable.
Next, in my perception, mediterranian food is the nutrition of the best quality ever! Fish, vegetables, fruits, legumes.. So tasteful and so rich in vitamins! All creations of our Mother Earth! To urge you to try and get feeded with nourishments of such a kind I will tell you about an article that I read the other day that was talking about Madonna who is trying to follow the mediterranian diet! So true! Even the greatest stars get back to the nature!
Greeks, Spanish and Italian friends, good news for you: Enjoy as much as possible the sun and the mediterranian food.
Concerning all the others..
Try to get the vitamins of the sun by protective exposing during your vacation and try to eat whatever comes from the earth! It worths the try!