In June 2006 there was a medical conference in Barcelona concerning techniques on how to approach patients with kidney failure. As the nature of my job deals with hemodialysis clinics and my father is a nephrologist, my sister and I grapped the opportunity for a business and pleasure trip in Spain.
When we reached Barcelona it was late afternoon, so we went directly for an early drink at the rooftop of the hotel. We had to get up at 8 in the morning, have a breakfast and run to the conference till late noon, but then we had some extra time for sightseeing, shopping and tasting the local specialties.
The adventure lasted four days. During our stay in Barcelona, we visited La Sagrada Famiglia, a huge unfinished church by Antoni Gaudi, one of the biggest tourists attraction and a must-see. The famous British author George Orwell hated it and called the Sagrada Familia “the ugliest building on earth" but visitors adore it.
Tip: There are usually long queues to get in all year round, but to avoid having to stand in line for hours you can either book a Gaudi Bus Tour or buy tickets online.
Picasso Museum was a place of great interest. We had the opportunity to see many early sketches of Picasso. The museum is housed in several magnificent gothic mansions in the old medieval part of Barcelona called El Born.
Walking at La Rambla, we spent some time for shopping and gifts. It starts at Plaza Catalunya and ends at the Monument of Columbus at the Port Vell harbour of Barcelona. La Rambla is not a spectacular sight, but very pleasant to stroll down and enjoy the human heartbeat of Barcelona. If you have not strolled down it, you cannot say you have been in Barcelona. Also called Las Ramblas as it is really a collection of various stretches of street with different names. Be careful of pickpockets on La Rambla and in the Metro.
Our last stop was Parc Guell. It was designed by Antoni Gaudi and it is now a UNESCO Worid Heritage Site. The original plan for Parc Guell was to build a private and exclusive residential garden city with 60 houses on the grounds.
Last but not least, do not forget to taste the famous sangria as well as paella which is based on rice and meat or fish and tapas.
It really worths travelling in Barcelona. Many times I have caught myself dreaming of living in this wonderful city! Full of energy and passion for art! Unfortunately, I do not have any photos to share with you, because my camera was stolen at the Metro station in Barcelona the last day of the trip, full of captures and magic moments! So sad!
Anyway, enjoy some sample pictures from the web!