Hannover is the capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony, Germany. Some years ago, I had the opportunity to travel in Hannover in order to meet my cousins and enjoy together relaxed times with our horses. The weather of Hannover is ideal for horses cause it keeps them fresh and alive. It is true that during summer time in Greece, horses are suffering high temperature and as a result they cannot move and exercise properly. So, I sent my horse in a stable in Hannover for summer vacation for well being and training reasons. The feeling of sharing a sport with friends is unique. It is of great pleasure when you do something in group and you know in details what you are dealing with. In our case this is horseback riding.
The landscapes in Hannover are of unique beauty. Nothing can be compared to get on a horse and go for a ride inside a lake, breathing the fresh air and listening to the birds call. I spent two relaxed and refreshing weeks in Germany with my relatives where apart from long walks with the horses, I had the opportunity to taste healthy food, visit huge malls with horse equipment, be trained for jumping fences from the best horse trainers, have a swim at the lake, enjoy late afternoon walks with my cousins in the forest, and sleep early at night. My horse, named Kario Fortuna was of Holland origins so it really enjoyed the weather. The most amusing time of the day was when I was leaving my horse free in a field and you could see the real power of a horse. The horse really enjoys its freedom and it loves eating and rolling on the grass, whinning and breathing the fresh air.
All these activities is a reason to keep you alive! Taking care of horses can create an excellent relationship between you and the horse! While the horse is inside its stable and the owner approaches the horse whinnes unstoppably looking for a carrot or a sugar!
Life in Hannover is so different from other European cities! You can feel the relaxing mood in the air! Everything is so well organized something that German people can be proud of! 

As for me, I do not think I could live in Germany cause the Meditteranian culture differs a lot! I am proud of you German people but is something above my customs and everyday habits to follow you! 

Yours, Angela