Fashion is my passion. Each day I think of fresh ideas to get dressed, decorate my house, add accessories to my clothes, make old clothing functionable, buy fashion and deco books for my library, watch old movies, and get inspired by the web. Through the years, I have made some collages combining art and creativity, which are filled with seasonal trends and personal inspiraton.
The procedure has as follows:

Step 1: Go to a bookstore and buy a large piece of thick paper. Ideally, it would be 70cm height and 1 meter length. Its price is insignificant. 

Step 2: Buy also a thin colourful piece of paper which will function as a surface on the thick paper for a more playful result.

Step 3: Arrange the theme of your creation. It might be seasonal trends, bathing suits, hats, black and white colors, surrealistic, baroque and so on and so forth. 

Step 4: Go through magazines and check what really goes well with what you are going o create.

Step 5: When all images are gathered go on with the sticking and final arrangement of the cutting pieces of images. 

Step 6: Last, you have to visit a store in order to get the framing done. Tip: Make sure you match the framing with your context. 

Below, you see my creations for getting inspired to prepare your one!