DIANA VREELAND AFTER DIANA VREELAND-One of the best exhibitions ever in Venice!

One of the greatest major exhibitions of life and work of the fashion editor Diana Vreeland happens now in Venice, Italy. It is hosted at Palazzo Fortuny and it is about to last up to June 26, 2012. Vreeland was fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar, then editor in chief at Vogue and now special Consultant for the Costume Institut at New York's Metropolitan Museum. Venice offers an airport with a non stop flight for those who are willing to attend.
Looking forward to finding time to visit this fantastic exhibition, I am ok with the reading of "Allure" Diana Vreeland foreword by Marc Jacobs to get to the point, a book I bought from a bookstore near my house. It is full of excellent pictures of people that have infuenced Vreeland and through her professional career they have left a stigma on her, like Maria Callas and Nureyev.