Sofia Karvela is of Greek nationality and resides in NYC, in the heart of great opportunities for work and pleasure. I get to know Sofia long long time ago when we used to live in the same neighborhood and attend the same school. We then followed separate paths and now here we go again after internet evolution, we found out that we share the same passion for fashion, new ideas, innovative techniques, styling, and the notion of never giving up. Here is an interview of my friend, Sofia for those who are willing to get into the mind of a person with great potential who has great instinct on what the fashion world really needs.
1) Wealth or glory?
Glory comes with a high price.
2) Relationships: Choose between a good friend or a good love partner. A best friend I am attracted to enough to sleep with on a rainy day.
3) Give me some good reasons of working in the fashion industry:
The chaos. The hurry. The good taste. The beautiful people. The vanity. The bulshit. The season. And i'm too lazy to go to school and study psychology.
4) I guess in NYC you have met occasionally many famous personalities. Who is your dream one that you have not yet met and you would like to have a drink with?
I really want to have milk with Shilo Jolie Pitt one day.
5) Which place would you like to visit in the coming years?
India for fabrics and a reality check.
6) I was lucky to get to know you during teens. I still remember the echo from your laughing in my ears. Are you still positive and strong despite the brutality in our world?
I laugh at myself more than ever. I laugh so hard I end up crying. Im an extremist. And the truth is that the world doesn't treat me half as mean as I treat myself sometimes. I tend to reward myself though when I feel im too harsh. With gum and diet cokes.
7)What urged you to transform T-shirts into creative blouses? Give me some ideas on how you think when you create an what is your moto:
It was anxiety that urged me to start shedding shades on T-shirts. I am a stylist not a designer and I stick to what I know. I work as a creative director for 2 tshirt companies and I get to collaborate with a team that can carry out and really build upon the ideas and styles I have in mind. It takes a lot to create a line and I am not qualified to do so. I enjoy finding the pieces and telling a story. The truth is I am not an artist. I just try to think like one.


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