It is true that I love fashion, I love the idea of dressing for a mood and of looking and feeling great. 
This summer... besides sun-screen?
 I think this is the season to spend less! 
Other than one great look for any summer wedding I will attend, I will follow these rules:

1. Great Skin.
2. Great Hair.
3. Great Attitude: Sometimes the best accessory a girl can have is a friendly smile and a kind word.
4. Clothes that you feel comfortable with: Lose pants, T-shirts, greek style nude sandals.
5. Get some sun so that you look healthy. (Do not forget to get protection, body and face).

6. Light nailcolors lke soft pink, yellowish, light blue.
7. Lightweight scarves for a stylish appearence.
8. Drink plenty of water, fresh juices an iced tea to feel better and have a better function of your inside organs.
9. Make up: During the day cleansing and a color SPF hydrating cream is enough to fight high temperature. In the evening: Eyelashes pencil, blush for cheeks and bones and lipgloss are more than enough.
10. A lightweight summer dress.
11. Casual pants and skirts, a stack of flimsy t-shirts in black, grey and white.
12. Outfit for an event: I would choose among: Blamain, Proenza Shouler, Balenciaga and Philosophy di Alberta Ferreti.
13. Do not forget to pick some interesting books of your taste for the beach! Mine? Out of Our Minds by Ken Robinson, who tries to promote an evolution of creativity in education.
14. Ipod to listen to my favorite music wherever I am.
15. Friends and family. 

Yours, Angela