All of us have important moments in our lives that we remember for as long as we live. First day at school, first graduation, first love, first kiss, first bicycle and so on and so forth. Fowever, during the first years of our lives I can say that our close relatives are about to remember the first times of going into something.
 Our mother clearly remembers our first teeth, our first party, our first sleep with a teddy bear, our first cry, or our first smile and laugh. Today was the first birthday of my nephew. All in the family had so deep emotions about the first birthday cake. So because once in our life we become one year old I ordered for my nephew the best birthday cake ever!!
 I went to the patisserie store and after having the image of the cake clearly in my mind I made the order: First of all, the cake had the shape and form of number 1. The taste was bitter chocolate with fresh coconut milk. The surface was light blue and on the bottom I chose to write with blue color: 
"Happy Birthday Antonio"!
 A white number one candle decorated the cake. 
For those of you who have a little one year old angel, have a look at the birthday cake I chose to celebrate my nephew's first birthday!!