The MBA’s Cup is one of the most popular sailing events during the season and the event is open to all current students and alumni.In this event the Top Business Schools around the globe compete in a weekend of races and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the Italian Riviera as an astonishing setting to network.
In the year 2008, my sister and I, as alumni, took the opportunity for four adventurous days in Portofino and Santa Margherita, Italy. It was fall and we took a flight to Genova. From there, we took the train to Portofino. 
We rent a boat with four other Italians and we were ready to sail! We slept on the boat but we had some free time for off-regatta activities. The program was as follows: 
Two regatta days where we had the opportunity to share and spread the passion for sailing and improve teamwork skills by becoming part of an effective sailing team, the conference where we had the chance to discuss the most significant financial and economic international issues while sharing managerial culture and best practices of the most influencing industrial and financial institutions, and last but not least, the Gala Dinner that created a meeting opportunity between today and tomorrow managers through the common passion for sailing.
More than 20 Business Schools (LBS, Wharton, NYU, Insead) and 300 sailors from all around the world were participating at the regatta. Sailing experience is a plus cause one meets old friends, visits new places, and has a clear view on how a sailing boat works. All in all, we had a lot of fun and the place was of unique beauty! And the most important thing is that Bocconi University managed to win the match and so we brought the cup back again!

 (Last time was in 2006).
 For those of you who have the chance to live such an experience, do not lose it!!