Are you willing to build your own business from your kitchen table? If so, here are some steps you definitely should follow.
1. Team up. You surely have to share your views and ideas with a partner. Some key factors that you have to look while choosing a partner are reliability, honesty and know-how. It is good that you show to your customers you are established and instill confidence. Try to find to your partner the qualifications you are missing so that you complete each other.
2. Identify your skills. Try to work them out so that you can identify what you are able to do by yourself.
3. Plan ahead. It really matters. You can do that in all steps of the starting point of your business, growth, maturity and decline. For instance keep in mind how will further expansion affect your personal life and your family. 

4. Connect with the big wide world. If you use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and have a blog remember to cross-promote among the four of them. Most blog platforms provide buttons that you can add to your page allowing readers to share its content. 
5. Get help. Keep in mind that an experienced accountant is a necessity not a luxury. Even if you are someone who is good at maths, you need a person who gets constantly updates about the latest laws and legislation platforms.
 6. Treat investors professionally. Anyone who invests with you will always want to feel that you are looking after their money and that you understand the significance of their investment. So even if you’re not asked, always produce monthly accounts that show you are on top of your finances. 
7. Strive for balance. Do not overdo it during your everyday life. Keep in mind to set priorities and have a good time management. This will bring the desired results both to your work and your leisure. 
8. Remember it's a business. It may sound cliche but take into consideration that business is all about money. And money is something that most of businessmen would kill to have it. So keep your eyes wide open while having to deal with a contract, strategic alliance or partnership and ask reliable professionals for advice. 
9. Make the most of every minute. Even in times when you are not fully occupied with a project or do's you can schedule other things in prior so that you are fully organized. Do not forget: Do not leave for tomorrow what you could easily do today.