Even though the weather in Greece is still about 30 degrees many people have the flu. Flu season is the time of year when the flu virus is most common. Outbreaks of the flu occur in different seasonal patterns around the world. In temperate climate zones, flu season will typically begin in the late fall and peak in mid-to-late winter. All of my family, from youngsters to olders have a sore throat and an annoying caughing. Even my pets have the flu and they cannot stop caughing. I officially have the season flu cause I feel depressed and I have a sore throat. Hot tea with honey and special herbs that help recovering really work. Although fall is already here and has lot of fun, it brings a lot of health headaches. Allergies, seasonal depression, and the flu are just some of the common health problems introduced during autumn. It is important to be aware of these conditions and get ready for the fall season in advance. Flu season generally peaks in January and February, but can start as early as late September or early October. It is true that each year a different vaccine is formulated to protect against the most common strands for the year. Certain people, such as the elderly and young children, have a higher risk for severe symptoms, and are therefore encouraged to get their flu shot as early as possible. Early prevention is the best medicine. In addition, do not forget to have your hand sanitizer ready!
To summarize, remember:
1. Clean
2. Keep tissues handy
3. Encourage vaccinations.