As is Monday tomorrow and each one of us sets some goals to achieve, I decided to make a veggie soup tomorrow morning in a big bowl that it will last for 3-4 days as a detoxing diet. Let me share with you how I will prepare this tasteful, multivitamin and healthy recipe! 
Early in the morning I will go to the vegetables market to gather all that I need fresh and ready for cooking. 
What you will need for the soup for 2 people that will last up to 4 days (fridge maintenance):
3 carrots
one tomato
a cucumber
a bunch of celery
a bunch of parsley
two beetroots
a potato
some lettuce
some cauliflower
and some broccoli.
1. Wash all the vegetables and boil them till they are soft and well made. ( It will take up to half an hour). 2. Place the veggies in a multi mixer till all of it is one mixture.
Fresh olive oil
a little bit of salt if you wish
fresh lemon juice.

Enjoy! After four days of such a detoxing, do not be afraid to weight yourself or wear the perfect pair of jeans which is hidden in your closet!!