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Προβολή αναρτήσεων από Νοέμβριος, 2012


As holidays approach here are some gift ideas for your fashion-loving loved ones.
 After some research at the web, I rounded up the best fashion books from 2012 and pointed you in the right direction of what to choose. 
Below, you can see the most interesting books. They vary from an editor-focused Vogue photography book to a juicy Diana Vreeland biography. 
Also, there are books with countless iconic fashion figures, from Kate Moss to Alber Elbaz that have been remembered and immortalized in tomes.
 As a fashion freak, I would love to get a giift like that! 
Well, have a look at the list below to choose for your fashion obsessed friends!



My fav brand along along with my fav sport come together as the perfect match! 
CHANEL produces horse back riding accessories and fans of luxury and prestige can now benefit from the new sports line! It is true that Chanel makes the best of everything from handbags to surfboards. The horse riding kit is something fantastic! 
Although the line is done in a pretty standard sportswear aesthetic who wouldn’t love to have a little Chanel logo on their practice helmet? 
Visit Chanel.com for additional information.


Online giant Ebay has created 300 self-made millionaires. The website, once famous for selling used goods, has been transformed from an auction house to a virtual high street. Almost 70 per cent of products are now sold at full price and the number is growing as more traditional retailers join in. Many fashion retailers have their own Ebay stores or use the platform to sell out of season goods. “The rules of the game have fundamentally changed,” says Gilmartin, Head of Ebay UK. “Just as it was important 15 years ago to have as many stores in the UK as possible and to be five minutes away from as many customers as possible, today it is incredibly important to be in front of as many customers as possible online and on mobile.” 
More importantly, the online retailer, Ebay, is to open a pop up shop during Christmas. The store will be open for 5 days only from December 1st. There will be no tills in the shop and a very limited number of products on display none of which customers can take a…


Alessandra Ambrosio, the Victoria's Secret angel has a low profile look when it comes to her daily outgoings. Alessandra give her off-duty wardrobe a hippy touch via her boho accessories.

Jessica Hart is one of my fav models. She gives out a vintage and simple style and the belief that the outfit is original with zero try. I have seen her wearing bright blazers and sharp minis and I admit that this style is sooooooo her!!

What could somebody say about her style? There is not a single moment that she has made a fashion don't. The queen of off-duty cool, Kate mixes vintage styles, designer buys and her I'm-with-the-band attitude that show her know-how and give out amazing looks.

Super-mum Miranda knows the power of a head turning dress. Either it is cut-out, femminine or minimalist chic, she never makes mistakes when she is out of home. I have seen photos with her baby on hand and she is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!


With the market facing hard times, high street retailers have found new life in the form of pop up shops and exhibitions utilising the free space which only stay open for just a few weeks or months. The number of pop-ups is definitely increasing. After a year of deteriorating consumer confidence and lower incomes, stores more than ever need a boost for the holidays when retailers in some sectors can make one third of their annual sales. Pop ups started mainly as a means to attract immediate consumer and press attention to brands fighting their corner in today’s saturated market. Now they have become a way for retailers to equal a quick sales boost. Pop-up stores typically pay landlords little or no rent outside of services such as electricity and construction costs. For property owners, the aim is to add retailers that can bring in more customers and improve the shopping experience. Airports are key places for pop up stores. They are a good option for brands who wouldnt have enough re…


It is no doubt the most comfortable shoe ever!! 
Slippers have borrowed a from-the-boys-look without appearing too masculine. Current reeditions of this classic shoe come in different fabrics, different embroidery designs and patterns. They are perfect with skinny trousers and skirts to accompany your everyday personal style. They also work well with casual look like Alexa Chung at the photo below. I got my slippers from a local mass production store during my visit in Milan: Total black velvet to suit with almost everything! Ready to step on your pair of slippers?


“We see the line as an opportunity to experiment with art and products,” says the designer Consuelo Castiglioni about Marni’s Edition collaborations. Los Angeles based artist Brian Rea is the former art director for the Op-Ed page of the New York Times. He has produced drawings and designs for books, murals, fashion, posters, music videos, and magazines around the world. His design clients include Marni, Herman Miller, Kate Spade, Honda, Billabong, Random House and MTV.
 For Fall-Winter 2013, Rea collaborates with Marni brand and the result is awesome! He designed both men and women clothes accessories and his collection includes drawings and prints fot T-shirts, bags, scarves and an installation in the Milan showroom. Castiglioni tapped the New York Times contributing illustrator Brian Rea and he says: “When I came across Brian Rea’s work, I was captured by his vision”. Rea’s drawings for Marni depict distinctive melancholy-magical scenes. Rea states: “My work doesn’t always show emot…


Dear Santa Claus,
During the year of 2012 I was the best kid. I gave love, hope, joy and happy moments to everyone. I faced bad and unlucky moments with dignity and Ι was close to my family and friends. As a gift if, I repeat if, you happen to pass by Macy's NYC here is a short list of what to drop me on NEW YEAR'S EVE. I am not asking a lot cause I know you have to buy maaaaaaaaaaaany presents. Please email me so that I can give you my adress and the exact sizes and details of the goodies you have to buy for me!!!

HO, HO, HO!!!





Hairbands with stones, earrings like chandeliers, necklaces, belts: More is more. Enrich your little black dress with accessories that point to Visconti divas.

2. STUDS: 

It all started two years ago with the " Rockstud" Valentino collection. Now it is everywhere!!!

3. BOOTS: 

The come back of high and black boots are influenced by riding boots or 70s. I adore those of Bottega Veneta!!!

4. High Heels: 

80s heels came back. Those of Callvin Clein Collection are perfect for a special occasion!!!


Those of Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Fendi are must have bags.


Minnetonka shoes are the most comfortable and warm shoes ever! When I was in the beautiful island of Santorini two years ago, there was a store situated on Caldera that was selling Minnetonkas. This shop had low and high Minnetonka boots in grey, brown, camel, and black. It was full of Japanese ladies that were buying their Minnetonka.
 I had a look at the shapes and designs and I got mine: Tramper Ankle boots in camel. The name " Minnetonka" derives from a little place in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 
And speaking of modern worlds, Minnetonka seems to have taken over the fashion world too: from the hipsters of Brooklyn’s Bedford Avenue to the trendy circles of London’s Primrose Hill, every in-crowd and en-vogue clique has been teaming their skinny jeans and maxi-dresses with the hottest boot.
 Not to mention the celebrity that already own a boot like this: Kate Moss wandering around a Glastonbury field in the Tramper boots or Rachel Bilson picking up a coffee and shaking her fr…


In the year 2005, while I was studying Fashion Management at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, the carrot of the effort of studying too much was a ticket to a Missoni fashion show at Milan Fashion Week. I was so excited! One of my dreams came true! 
We were about a team of 5 students and we took our way to the show. The building was huge! There were so many stairs and so many "fashion" and "it" people around us. Each one of us was looking with dispair to see Gisele, Allessandra or Miranda. When we arrived inside the building there were plenty of qiosques with the latest Vogue magazines that each one of us could take for free. We had some walking and then there it was! A studio full of lights, photographers and front row guests. We showed our magical ticket at the entrance and we sat at the fifth row. In about some minutes the show started. Supermodels with the latest Missoni bikinis, wanna have bodies and porcelain faces were five meters ahead us! I couldn't sto…