Santorini Renal Nephrology and Dialysis Centre established its operation in 2009, a year in which was born the first specialized clinic in the Cyclades for the treatment of patients who suffer from chronic renal failure. 
The main goal of the Clinic is to achieve the highest possible quality in the medical services provided for the patients, in order to cultivate long term relationships with them. In this exact way the Clinic operates daily having as main inspiration the following ideals and beliefs: honesty, responsibility, capability, respect and empathy. The private dialysis clinic serves the needs of the local renal patients and moreover the needs of Greek and foreign tourists that suffer from chronic renal failure and wish to relax in one of the most beautiful islands in the world. 
To become a centre of excellence for the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure. Ambition: 
To become a reference point for the patients for the quality of medical services that the Clinic provides to them.
 Inside a high technology ambient the doctors along with the nursing and helping personnel, compete in talent and dedication and confirm on a daily basis the quality both in the medical service, and also in the patient and doctor relationship that remains stable within time. 
The trustworthiness, the patient’s active role and the cooperation of all the medical team concludes the clinic’s profile. A holistic approach for renal rehabilitation, along with a blend of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency technology and Cycladic architecture, transforms the quality of the services into a revolution for the patients. 
The centre is located in a modern building facility carefully planned and designed, full of natural light, up to date and easily accessible for patients. The clinic offers a number of services that the patients can enjoy: Personal treatment with cable tv, telephone and wireless internet. The Center with its modern and comfortable structure, serves as the premium innovator in the Cyclades for the promotion of the new model of medical tourism and the treatment of renal patients wherever this is needed. The Center is constructed from wood, glass and volcanic stones of the island that emphasize the natural light and create a relaxing surrounding. 
The Dialysis Center is full of natural light while offers a panoramic sea view because of its location, and an autonomous system of temperature regulation. Moreover the clinic has dialysis suites and open space areas in order to satisfy every patient’s expectations. For the comfort of the patient during each dialysis shift, each station is furnished with electrical dialysis chairs, a television and a separate furniture for private use.
For more information and booking please visit the site: www.santorinirenal.gr