Some years ago, I was for vacation in Mykonos enjoying the sun of the Meditteranean sea. I was with friends and family and we started talking about what each one of us was doing with his life. During the conversation I said I just finished my studies and I am looking for a job in the fashion industry. Suddenly, a friend told me "I can't believe how lucky you are!" Stefany Greenfield is now here in the island for vacation and ownes a boutique in NYC called Scoop. I must confess that due to the European targeted studies and way of thinking and looking at the markets I didn't know about this succesful boutique on the other part of the world. My friend urged me to have a lunch with Stefany to talk about the business of fashion. When I went to the hotel to meet her I was astonished by her kindness and simplicity. We had an one hour meeting talking about fashion and she also introduced me to her assistant and we exchanged contact details for a collaboration in the future. After this meeting I never saw Stefany again and I lost all contact details. I moved on with my studies following a more general path in business administration. Maybe it was not the right timing. It has been about 7 years since this meeting and by looking back I can say that I did huge steps both educationally and professionally. Maybe I should have listened to Stefany and folllow her to NYC and assisting her. Maybe my fate was to follow a different direction and different path. I have not regretted because people that are about to stay in our lives will stay by no means. I was very lucky to meet such a succesful person from the world of fashion and I still embrace my friend for offering me such an opportunity.