In the year 2005, while I was studying Fashion Management at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, the carrot of the effort of studying too much was a ticket to a Missoni fashion show at Milan Fashion Week. I was so excited! One of my dreams came true! 
We were about a team of 5 students and we took our way to the show. The building was huge! There were so many stairs and so many "fashion" and "it" people around us. Each one of us was looking with dispair to see Gisele, Allessandra or Miranda. When we arrived inside the building there were plenty of qiosques with the latest Vogue magazines that each one of us could take for free. We had some walking and then there it was! A studio full of lights, photographers and front row guests. We showed our magical ticket at the entrance and we sat at the fifth row. In about some minutes the show started. Supermodels with the latest Missoni bikinis, wanna have bodies and porcelain faces were five meters ahead us! I couldn't stop taking photos with my cell. The atmosphere was unique: Soft music background, strong lightning at the stage, supermodels with a fantastic air and fashion crowd. The only thing that made me a little bit frustrated was that it only lasted for a few minutes. After the show it was like an empty space around us. I felt like the only difference was made by he supermodels on the stage. Everybody cared about what was going to happen during these five minutes. 
On my way out, I saw Daria Werbowy in front of me....WHAT A GODDESS....I still have her photo on my desk! Just near the photo there is also an autograph of Daria: "To Angela with love, Daria".