From celebrity endorsements to fashion house collaborations Veja is the brand mostly adorable in Paris! As an American All Star were the "it" shoe, during my stay in Paris all it girls were wearing Vejas. Veja shoes are as comfortable as Converse All Stars and can also go low or high. Visit the website to get yours or the nearest sport shoes store to choose from a wide variety of colors and shapes. I have already got mine in white color with red details. They are more than comfortable and I wear them all the time. I have replaced them with my All Stars. French eco shoe brand Veja has won prestigious British Awards. The Veja brand uses ecological materials including organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazon and vegetable-tanned leather. Production of Veja trainers has increased from 5,000 to 125,000 pairs of trainers in six years. 
A quick look at the pics will convince you!