Andy Warhol once said: "Everyone will have 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime". That the Internet would create some unique methods of personal expression was immediately clear to most of its early adopters. First, there was the Bulletin Board System (BBS) that was used to exchange messages between users, but that was maily a local phenomenon. Next, Internet Forums became the favorite way to express thoughts and show off knowledge on a specific topic. Then, in 1997 Weblogs started to appear. They evolved from online diaries, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives. 
In March of 2006, Evan Williams and his colleagues gave life to Twitter. Initially, the platform was used internally to keep colleagues up to speed on projects status updates. Twitter is a social network and micro blogging platform that allows users to answer a very simple question: "What are you doing?" It does so with 140 character messages. On a recent interview, Williams, the co founder of Twitter, commented that Twitter's success is due to the immediateness of its communication. It is not like posting your status update on Facebook and expecting someone to read it, or doing a new blog post. When you twitter you assume that all your readers will have a look at your message: First, because most likely they will receive it on their cell phones and second because it is only 140 characters. 
Twitter usage is growing wildly from month to month, and the whole success is based on a very simple question and the immediateness of an SMS message. Perhaps what we should do is ask ourselves some very simple questions and be willing to start side projects!