Sometimes in life all of us have made thoughts of how life would be if they have got that job, if they have moved somewhere abroad, if they were married to someone they fell in love with, if they have gone to that party or if they have talked to the person near them that looked so different and so nice. I have caught myself thinking what if I have moved in NYC for job hunting? What if I was still in relationship with my first love? What if I hadn't move from my first job? All of these thoughts come into my mind many times but this is life and I am sure that all of you have already been into that beacause these are human thoughts. However, most of women, because I am one of them, I know that we are doing it, we don't have to think the same thing many times and be miserable. 
All of us have a fate and our inner self knows better than no one else what we really want, desire and think. I am not just a fate believer because I think that we are the ones that build our fate through our decisions. Everything new and unknown to us happens all of a sudden without prior arrangement. Someone loses his job, or a woman gets pregnant, or someone gets lost from his/her life.
 Talking about myself, what I want to achieve in my life is to get back home after work in an environment that is safe, quiet, secure and peaceful. From now on I need to have this peace of mind, either I am single, married,or divorced with children. And this peace of mind comes from the inside. As I am around my thirties, I feel calm and full of positive thinking. I do not get involved in quarrels and whatever makes me angry or mad I take it away immediately and I am not leaving it heart me. I am strict with something that I love, it might be a relationship or a job or a sport. That is why from my side I am giving my everything but I expect to get the same from the other side. From know on in my life I am ready to feel intense and strong moments as long as they are meant to be for happiness and joy. 
Hey God over there, don't you think I deserve it?