What counts most in our lives is the moments with family and friends. I have come across with many people through the journey of life so far and the thing that I found in common to all of them was the stress of what is going to happen tomorrow, how they look to the person they have in front of them, I smell the anxiety and hunger and craving that all people have to create something in this world, to leave something behind as they go away of this life, the yearning to be somebody, this selfishness and egoism ( from the greek word egoismos) conquers and dominates all aspects of life, all thoughts of the inner self. 
As I lie back in front of the fireplace I am trying to recall the happier time of my life...And it is just moments, single moments through the years with my family, my friends, my pets, my job, my interests, my love, my pain, my desires, my dreams and hopes.
 All of us have their ups and downs (as I was decorating the christmas tree today I had instant moments of feeling lonely but at te same time like magic some flashing moments that everything at the end is going to be ok in this manner or the other as we say in greek. It is all about fears of the unknown. But at the bottom of my heart I strongly believe that these moments of happiness are going to be multiplied. And this is the issue. Having this thought in mind, I am planning a trip in late September, in New Delhi and Daramsala, the village of Dalai Lama for some inspiration and meditation. 
Dalai Lama's principle stands on the fact that he tutors people to multiple the happy moments. Because this is the purpose of life. He believes that life on earth is like hell with all the pain, mysery, and suffering. Thus, he trains peoples' mind for peacefulness, lull, serenity, and above all peace of mind.