The gap that each one of is afraid to fall into. The gap of the fear of what is going to happen tomorrow. Despite the celebration and christmas spirit around us these days, many people are being trapped by psychological problems of what is going to happen to their lives during the new year. Others are looking for the job of their dreams, others looking for a love partner, others for luck or glory or wealth. 
But who are going to be the lucky ones that are going to get what they want? 
The reality is that everything happens for a reason and even if somebody feels like nothing is getting better in his/her life, the universe is still working and it will be working forever to bring us what we really are missing. Just make positive thoughts, visit friends, look up into the sky and make a wish. 
For all of us there is space in love, affection, and good things in life. If you believe that you have lost your way to happiness just pray to God to show you a sign to the right direction. He might not show you exacly where to go, but he will for sure give you some signs whether you are following the right way. The reason why you are here into this Earth and what is the purpose of your journey in life. God is inside each one of us. And if you feel this gap inside you he will come to you in your dreams and show you what to do. Do not be afraid of the gap. Each one of us have faced bad moments but after the rain is sun. This goes to all of you who read this post whether you feel happy, sad, insecure, depressed or mad about the world around you. Keep this in mind forever. 
If you had a bad day, try to get some exrta sleep, a hot tea, healthy food, exercise, meditate, have a hug with your dog to fight bad feelings, and tomorrow is a new day.
 You have to face each day as a new beginning, as a new start that you have to take it from scratch and create as much as you can. 
You have to be grateful that you are alive and healthy and ready to face the challenges of each day. 
 First and foremost you have to feel happy for the happiness of others and then all good things will happen to you. 
Never look back and try to look forward and dream about the future. 
Beware of the gap metaphorically is something that you do not have to be worry about. If you follow your heart there is no such thing as a gap in your heart and feelings. It is just an illusion of your inner self. That is why you have to be positive and enjoy the simple things in life. Try to multiply the happy moments of your life by laughing out loud and be grateful for the gift of life. 
To be miserable is something that when you get old you will regret it. 
And life is so short that you will reach an age and you will say:
 " I still cannot understand how the hell I reached this age and as I go backwards I didn't have time to do the things I wanted to do" 
For the end: 
Happy people are people that live a full life of intense feelings". 
As you grow older the issue is to look back and say:
 " I lived the life I wanted to live".