Christmas holidays are already here! December entered timidly a few days ago with a touch of cold weather, the first decorations, cookies served at the cafes and christmas songs. 
Traditionally, all of us spend time with our families and friends and share house gatherings with the fireplace burning and the elderly telling stories. Have you ever thought of people that do not have any relatives, or those who need to work hard during the New Year's Eve? 
For those who feel unhappy, depressed, unlucky and lonely, here is a list of ways to fight these negative feelings:
1. Think positive and remember for all of us there is something of better luck at the next corner.
2. Remember that apart from how wealthy someone is the thing that counts is the simplest: A laughter, a patting, a lighting candle, the snow or a kid.
3. Have a walk in the forest or in the park with your dog, just breathing the fresh air.
4. Give hope.
5. Give love as more as you can to people.
6. Be kind and polite and consider the good things that you have at this moment (it might be the gift of good health, or a close friend, or your dog).
7. If you happen to have some relatives that you seldom see during the year, go and visit them.
8. Remember: Say what you feel to the people you love and care about cause there is not a right time, there is just now. Do not let time pass by and be miserable.
9. Smile, smile, smile. 10. Heal your soul and body with positive thinking, some running in the fresh air, a cup of hot tea, and by being thankful that you have the gift of life and nobody will force you to live it as you wish.