Looking at the biographies and records of succesful people in the fashion industry, below I have summarized the basic rules in order to help you achieve your life goals:

 In unlucky or good moments you have to get yourself adapted. Do not look back or ahead. Face the reality in the best possible way and act as natural as you can on the obstacles you are about to overcome. It is a cliche but you only regret the things you don't do in life. Keep in mind the following rule: "I can't bear "what ifs" and I generally do not have any because I just jump in and do it".

2. BE BRAVE. We have read and heard so many times for young post graduation job seekers that took a plane to find their dream job in New York pennyless. And then after hard work they accomplished their dreams. Listen to your inner self and heart and whatever you strongly believe. Sometimes you have to be brave in order to be succesful.

3. BE A TEAM PLAYER. A lesson that many succesful fashion creative directors have learned is: "Believe in yourself and the people around you".

4. IT WON'T ALWAYS BE EASY. You will for sure face obstacles for instance balancing your professional and personal life. You will also do miss your family or feel nostalgia for your country. But do not give up because as distinguished personalities say, "If you do what you love and work hard, at the end the fruits of your harvest will appear".

5. ALWAYS BE THE REAL YOU. It is really important that whatever you do, especially the higher you go, you remain who you are. When you go for an interview you should be your real self. It is never going to work if you pretend to do something you are not.

6. TRUST YOUR INSTICTS, DESPITE WHAT PEOPLE SAY. Trust you feelings and things will work out. You definitely have to go with your gut instict.