Picture a scene: It is a Tuesday, you are out for a quiet drink with friends, and you meet someone. Someone ho makes your eyes shine. The chemistry could be bottled. You swap numbers with him. Thursday night he calls. Would you like to do something this weekend?
 And you say...No. 
Either you have recently taken leave of your senses-or you are Rules girl. Remember the Rules? It was so much more than a book. First published in 1995, this guide to succesful romance was essentially an elaborate approach to the age-old idea of playing hard to get. It has sold over two million copies in 27 languages.
 It has made stars of its two authors Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, been featured in an iconic episode of Sex and the City and its website receives tens of thousands of hits a month. For the digital generation the Rules change to the New Rules and it is aleady released. 
In a nutshell the book is all about: do not stalk him on Facebook and do not write mini essays when you text him. 
As for me?
Although we can say that we can keep in mind these rules for any circumstance, I believe that we are the real expert on our life and there is no other way to demonstrate that than to ignore this book and go with our gut instict!