Milan is a place for the fashionistas and for luxury lovers. It combines romance and futurism and it is above all a trendsetter in fashion, design, luxury and party and event lovers. I used to live in Milan for a year studying Fashion Management and after this experience I would like to share with you the hot spots in the city:
1.Bulgari Hotel. Via Privata Fratelli7B. TEL: +39 028058051. It is situated in the heart of the city and it is synonumous to luxury. Do not forget to visit the spa. The inside swimming pool and the lighting bring out a unique atmosphere.
2. Four Seasons Hotel. Via Gesu 6/8. TEL: +39 0277088. It is like an old monastery with a marvelous view on an inside garden.
3. Maison Moschino. 12 viale Monte Grappa. TEL: +39 0229009858. Built on the place of an old station it differs from the other hotels in terms of its decoration which is based on Moschino motives.
4. Foresteria Monforte. Piazza del Tricolore 2. TEL: +39 02 76318516. www. If you are about to plan a weekend in Milan this B&B is the perfect choice.
1. Alice Ristorante. Via Adige 9. TEL: +39 025462930. For fresh sea food.
2. Paper Moon. Via Bagutta 1. TEL: +39 0276022297. One of the oldest and the most prestigious restaurants in Milan.
3. Orti & Commenda. Via della Commenda 43. TEL: +39 025450765. Organic ingredients and much attention to the taste. It also offers cosmetics with ingredients that can be eaten.
4. Controvapore. Via Carlo Goldoni 3. TEL: +39 0276390636. A hidden restaurant that only a few know. Before you enter knock the door. Trattoria Ottimofiore. Via Bramante 26. TEL: +39 0233101224. A tiny restaurant with hospitable sicilian atmosphere. Do not forget to taste fresh fish.
1. Geppo: Via Giovanni Battista Morgagni 37. TEL: +39 0229514862. Angela's tip: Taste pizza with apple and gorgonzola.
2. Nuova Arena: Piazza Lega Lombarda 5. TEL: +39 02341437. Very cozy place with delicious pizza. Pasta: 1. Acquasala. Ripa di Porta Ticinese 71. TEL: +39 0289423983. Just perfect!
Biancolatte: Via Filippo Turati 30. TEL: +39 0262086177. www. Home made ice cream, fresh sweets and delicious coffee. The secret of coffee recipe? In the milk of course.
Hot Spots:
1. The Bar Restaurant , Lounge of the Armani Hotel. Armani Hotel-Via Manzoni 31. TEL: +39 0288838888. www. Here you can enjoy one of the best views.
2. Finger's: Via San Gerolamo Emiliani 2. TEL: +39 0254122675. Here you can drink asiatic coctails and you can meet celebrities.
3. 10 Corso Como: TEL: +39 0229002674. A unique place with a gallery, a bar restaurant and a wide variety of clothes and books.
1. Banner: Via Sant'Andrea 8a. TEL: +39 0276004609. The shopping paradise!
2. Boule de Neige: Corso Como 3&8. TEL: +39 0262910777. www. Perfect coctail dresses and avant garde brands!
3. Tea Rose: Via Croce Rossa 2. TEL: +39 0286998767. Here you can find one of my favorite shoe brands! Those of Charlotte Olympia!
4. Lo specchio di Alice: Corso di Porta Ticinese 64. TEL: +39 028378969. The paradise of military clothing.
Best district for shopping:
Quadrilatero della moda: Via Monte Napoleone, Via Gesu, Via della Spiga, Via Sant'Andrea, Via Santo Spirito. There is not a single girl that can get satisfaction here!
Beauty: Violette: Via Panfilo Castaldi 20. TEL: + 39 02229519283. Relaxing atmosphere, celebrities and nail polishes in every single color!
This is my Milan! 
I have never enough of this place! 
Even if my home is Athens, I visit Milan every year for leisure and fun! 
The above guide will help you get into the Milanese mood and leave the place with the greatest memories!