There are many amazing places that you can visit during the month of February. 
Ideally, here is a list of the greatest destinations that you have to go if you are planning a trip during this month where the weather and the climate are perfect. 
In the northern hemisphere, although the cloud cover is starting to thin, thick snow is possible on the eastern seaboard of the USA and across northern Europe. Heading towards the Equator, the Caribbean and Central America should be quite welcoming, and even further south, Brazil's Bahia state is hot and steamy-as is its Carnival. Much of the world also puts on a Carnival-an over-the top celebration before the Lent fast. North and southern Africa are also sunny and worth considering-but keep to the coast. India and Thailand will see plenty of sun but, on the other side of the Himalayas, China's weather varies from frozen in the north to cloudy in the south.

Below, you will find all the destinations worth visiting during the month of February:


A city that throbs day and night rhythm and music. The best cigars in the world, crisp refreshing mojitos and an Afro-Latin beat that makes your feet move- an unbeatable combination for fun.

2. ANGKOR, CAMBODIA, ASIA: Ancient capital cloaked in the jungle, home to a vast temple. Set deep in a a lush environment, the mystical temples of Angkor are carved with exquisite tableaux that come to life in the rising sun.

3. SANVADOR, BRAZIL, SOUTH AMERICA: Salvador's "carnaval" is a joyous bacchanalian revel. This is a carnival where you take part in the parades instead of watching-and the music and partying is second to none.

4. ANTARTIC PENINSULA, ANTARTICA: A setting of incomparable beauty and savage wilderness. See whales breach, penguins march, and seals recline, and all the while the iceberbs beautiful and menacing, drift, slowly by.

 5. DUBAI, UAE, MIDDLE EAST: Super luxurious but actually great value for money. Shopping is so big here- the malls are like palaces and thet have a festival for it! You can also enjoy boat trips and the beaches.

6. ZERMATT, SWITZERLAND, EUROPE: Relax in some peace and quite under the Matterhorn. Cars have been banned from the town so it is quiet and peaceful with great skiing and other snow sports for every age and ability.

7. CAPE VERDE ISLES, CAPE VERDE, AFRICA: A hot destination for surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers. Always known as a windsurfing destination, winter swells also bring top quality waves to these islands. Enjoy the music too.

8. NORTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALASIA: Superb destination for little habbits to scamper around in. You will find plenty of open space in the Middle Earth-walking, beaches, barbecues, water sports, and interesting Maori culture too.