Dreams are the inner self, thoughts and fears appearing when we sleep. I truly believe that they can be interpreted and can ring the bell of something that it is going to happen in our lives. I have an old dream interpretation book that my grandmother gave me as a gift long long time ago and I often go through it when I want my dreams to be interpreted.
 Some time ago I had a very nice dream. I have saved the date because I think it was a sign. It was 31/12/12 on New Year's Eve. I had many issues in my mind that needed to be solved and it was like a huge mountain for me.
 Well, my dream was a sunrise inside the sea. The sun was coming out slowly slowly, went up to the sky, then some clouds were hiding the sun and at the end it went up to the clean and blue sky. It was awesome! 
Next morning I read through the dream interpretation book and I realised that it was a fantastic and hopeful dream. 
To dream of the sunrise symbolizes fresh starts and revitalization. It also indicates that you will achieve your objectives. Perhaps you have changed the course of your life path and are following a new direction. 
To dream that it is morning implies that you will soon achieve your objectives and find prosperity and happiness. It may also indicate that you will soon be embarking on a new journey or inner discovery. 
After seeing in my dreams a sunrise, I face reality and routine in a more positive way and I enjoy every single day in my life trying to discover the signs that are going to lead me to the wonderland...