We live in a world full of uncertainty, difficulties and financial recession. All of us dream for a better world filled with love, affection, piece and happiness. Many people immigrate to find better opportunities for a better life. They say that one of the wonderlands that offer this chance for a better living is NYC. For me, you should be lucky and have the appropriate connections at the right time in order to succeed there.
 In Greece, the last years with the financial crisis that we are facing, plenty of young people have immigrated. They mostly prefer nothern Europe which is just a few hours by plane and the salaries are high.
 Others who have greater plans for themselves immigrate to Canada. It is very difficult for a Greek to migrate because they have get used to a way of living which differs from all other countries.
 They say that if a Greek migrates abroad there is once that he is about to return to his routs. Family strings are very tight in Greece. For Greeks, wonderland is Greece. They are thirsty of working and offer the goodies to the people they love. We have totally different mentality of all the other people around the world. 
 Many Greeks invest in their studies and job for some years in order to return back home and make the best of it in their country. I am one of those who is thinking to migrate for some time. Where? The answer is going to come next through my new posts. 
Stay tunned to learn about my next steps on pursuing a new career path at my temporary wonderland!