On a trip to Milan, I bought my first Cruciani bracelet. The success of this tiny jewel of Italian craftsmanship is enormous. It is an object that achieved cult popularity in just two months. Cruciani C stores have just opened in Verona, Madrid, Taormina, Capri, Forte dei Marmi and Milan and the next will open by 2012 in Palermo, Beirut, Istanbul and Paris. On June 2012 the four-leaf clover bracelet has turned 1 year and, for the occasion, it has been created a limited edition composed by 7 multicolour four-leaf clover. On July 16th has been opened the second flagship store in Milan at Via Manzoni 19, close to the fashion quadrilatero. 
The store has registered a record in the sales after few hours of the opening. A great many celebrities too were infected by this veritable fever and now wear the colourful jewels on wrists and necks at society events and on TV.
 Mine is a Cruciani C Love and luck bracelet in itense orange. Love can’t be perfect without a pinch of luck. The lucky fate is piddling if there is no love. Love and Luck, are complementary in a forever and stainless union; The luck is a moment, love is all the rest. Price: 10 euros. 
Are you ready to choose yous?