Steve Jobs said it best:"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life".
The following how-tos will help you be yourself everywhere!
Lesson No.1:
Being yourself does not mean being bitchy.
A lot of self-expression these days seems to be about cutting other people down to build yourself up. Yes, our "inner awful" can be really funny. But in truth, being original and being kind aren't mutual exclusive.
Lesson No.2
You can drop the "I don't care what you think" attitude.
Self-expression means letting go of the "comparathon"-the process of constantly judging yourself by other people's standards. Having said that, if you think being confident requires not giving a flying WTF how other people respond to you, it is time to get real: You do care and always will. And aknowledgeing pain and humility when people hurt you is actually one of the most powerful forms of self-expression out there.
Lesson No.3
Forget about having to love every little thing about yourself.
Experts often talk about self-acceptance as key to self-expression. And sure, we should love ourselves. But do we really have to love everything about ourselves? As is? Right now? We are not going to be happier or more succesful just by saying" Hey, I am OK, you are OK, it's all OK". We are going to be complacent. Striving to be better is part of our DNA.
Lesson No.4
One last point: Expressing yourself doesn't mean sharing every morsel of personal minutiae with the universe. (So think twice before you Facebook or Instagram your innermost secrets.) Instead, share with your mom. Or your soul sisters. Or even better, your diary, which is sacred and private. Because sometimes expressing yourself is most awesome when it's just for you.