I love mix and match kind of style. For this reason, below, I have collected some tips for those who are willing to look like Carrie Bradshaw and create their own fun mix!
1. Work different textures.
It gives your outfit amazing depth in real life. A simple way to do this is by wearing something matte with something shiny, like a knit cardigan over a sequined dress. It is an eye-catching combination that almost always works.
2. Try print-on-print.
It is one of my favorite looks! To get it right, make sure to keep it tonal or in the same color palette. Avoid wearing more than three patterns in multiple colors at once-it will look over the top.
3. Pair vintage and modern pieces.
Combine jewelry and clothing from different eras is a great way to give an outfit an individual look. There is an 80s influence in fashion right now, so mixing those items with a modern look feels unique. Mix 60s ans 70s pieces, like bauble necklaces and bell-bottom jeans from your mom's closet and wear them with trendier things.
4. Rock multiple colors at the same time.
Combining btight hues is such a great look-and with all the colorblocked items out there, it is really easy to do. If you are not used to wearing vibrant pieces, start slow: Just pair a colorful bag and shoes with a mostly neutral outfit.
5. Add a personal finishing touch
Finding a signature piece that identifies your look is important-it can be your grandmother's cameo, unique jewelry from a flea market or something you made.
6. Experiment with fashion.
Try adding one item to your look that is a little out of your comfort zone-like a neon tee, colored pants or an oversize statement necklace. Just go for it!