It's been a long time ago since my last trip to Paris. Actually, I visited Paris with my family back in the year 1992 when Eurodisney had just opened its doors. I believe that lifelong education is a must. 
A short trip that is on my mind a long time ago is exploring Paris for about six weeks and attending painting courses as well refresh my French. If some of you are thinking of such an experience a good idea is to contact and apply for the six week painting course that the American University of Paris offers. Among courses available in Art History and Fine Arts which actually was my first preference, the university offers other short courses in International Business Administration, Global Communications, Comparative Literature and English, Film Studies, French, Math and Science, International Politics and Psychology. 
Renowned for 50 years for its international curriculum, engaged faculty, and location under the Eiffel tower, The American University of Paris offers an excellent educational experience and one of the most diverse student bodies in the world. What is clearly on my mind, from my trip to Paris when I was young was the street artists at the romantic square of Tertre in Montmantre that where drawing and painting. This is the experience that I would like to explore by attending a painting course in Paris.