Time. A commodity so priceless that even your daily beauty routine, rushed at best, frenzied at worst can feel self-indulgent. The solution? Hard-working products that serve more than one purpose. OK, so not a totally unfamiliar phenomenon, but these new kids on the block are infinitely more clever than their predecessors.

1. Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Boosting Facial not only gives you spa-like results at home (retextured, even-toned, plumped-up skin), it does it in five minutes.

2. Yves Saint Laurent's Kiss $ Blush has a patented applicator that promises an even gloop-free distribution of velvety matt pigment over your lips and cheeks.

3.Cellularose Intensive Relief Balm is arguably Vaseline's smarter, more beautiful and industrious relative. Infused with an impressive list of high-tech ingredients, this unguent is anti-ageing, hydrating and can be used as an overnight moisturizer, after-sun cream or lip salve. She works hard for the money indeed.

By Terry's