Demanding work schedules and the usual busy life keeps many of us far from eating healthy. What we eat is what we actually are and look like. Our body needs good fuels in order to work properly. 
There comes a time when a body alert starts ringing. My intense feeling for well being led me to use bio products and ingredients to make fresh and healthy smoothies as well as cooking in a healthy manner. I have already started feeling better by putting Camu Camu powder into my smoothie which is rich in vitamin C. 
A strong breakfast for a demanding day is a banana with yogurt and a spoon of camu camu powder, then a lunch and a juice, nuts and a juice for a snack and a healthy dinner. As summer approaches we all desire a healthy and slim body. 
I do not believe in diets and short term goals but in long term sustainable health. Thus, non-eating days, starving nights, dizzy head work days and "healing crisis" is not the issue. Keep it simple and adopt a routine of healthy food and juice!