Every street corner in Rio has a juice bar, with fruit displays so elaborate they look like works of art.  Bibi Sucos, in Lesbon is one of the best: 591-A Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva. 
Brazil has the argest population of Japanese  (1.5 million) outside Japan.  As a result there are lots of excellent sushi restaurants, but the best is Madame Butterfly: 472 Rua Barao da Torre, Rio de Janeiro.
You will find beer and all night samba dancing in Carioca da Gema in Lapa-Rio's equivalent to Shoreditch: 79 Avenida Mem de Sa, Lapa.
For an art adventure, go to Inhotim in the remote south-eastern town of Brumadinho. Bernando Paz, once the richest man in Brazil and with every claim to being one of Brazil's most colourful characters, has built the world's largest private art museumon his 5,000-acre estate. Displayed in his 24 gallery pavillions are 500 works by 100 artists from 30 countries, including art by Steve McQueen and Anish Kapoor.
For fantastic swimwear-pieces that can be worn both on and off the beach- try Adiana Degreas. 3900 Avenida sas Americas. 
For beautiful leather clothing: 417/401 Rua Dias Ferreira, Leblon.
Every September, Rio hosts an annual music festival, Rock in Rio-last year, Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen performed -and an art fair, ArtRio. The latter supported by Pace, White Cube and the Gagosian Gallery, offers international work for sale by contemporary artists exempt from Brazil's usually crippling import tax.
For a rural Brazilian experience a little off the beaten track and away from the well-trekked coast, visit Cachoeira in Bahia. The architecture is colonial, colourful and disintegrating, the waterfalls spectacular, and here among the cotton and tobacco farms, the Afro-Brazilian community practise their ancient religious rites.