Cycling is a great way to get and stay fit. It improves strength, stamina, aerobic fitness and general muscle function, though for strong, healthy bones, add in some weight-bearing exercise, such as walking. But the most important thing about cycling is quite how enjoyable it can be! And cycling is as easy as well...riding a bike.! Just check out my common-sense advice:
Research suggests that regular cyclists have a fitness level ten years younger than their age,and a life expectancy two yeas longer than average. Half an hour's cycling burns around 150 calories. Pedal quickly with little resistance (in a low gear) for the best results. In a high gear and pushing hard, you will build big leg muscles, but in a low gear and pedalling quickly you tone small muscles and end up slim and fit.
-Comfortable clothing. Special cycling gear is only really bebeficial if you are cycling for more than three hours or pushing hard enough to sweat a lot.
-Waterproof, breathable jacket essential if you are going to be out in all weathers.
-Gloves for winter.
Try not to avoid hills. Hills make you work harder for short periods, and such high-intensity exercise gives your fitness a boost. You can cycle on all rights-of-way routes with the exception of footpaths. Check out local rides in books and maps at your library or local bookshop. Try the National Cycle Network, a series of surfaced off-road routes, usually compacted gravel on disused railway tracks and canal towpaths. Cycling groups are a good way to find new routes and new friends.
Many new cyclists worry about dealing with punctures and cycling in traffic. You can ask your local bike shop to show you how to mend a puncture and it is handy to carry a repair kit with you.