No make -up selfies, #WakeUpCalls, the ice bucket challenge-it wasn't charidee unless it was online. about the backlash wasn't far behind.
It started in March, when Beyonce and Rihanna posted pics of themslves wearing no make-up. Mere months later, the Beckhams were pouring icy water over Victoria and, before we knew it, Jeremy Clarkson was taking bed-head selfies. Yep, 2014 was officially the year of social media charity stunts. No-one can agree how to make up selfies became linked to cancer, but everyone from Cara Delevingne to Cheryl Fernandez Versini shared thir suppoesd bare faced chic, raising 8 million dollars for Cancer Research UK within a week.
Come summer, it was all about drenched clothes, as the ice-bucket challenge took over. It raised awareness of neurodegenerative disease ALS and 7 million dollars for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
By October, 'clicktivism' overkill had truly set in. Unicef's #WakeUpCall campaign showed us famous faces first thing in the moring to help us mere mortals'wake up' to Syria.
More yet to come...