1. Work for someone you respect. Surround yourself with people you can learn from and then move on.
2. Always ask for advice. To be succesful you must make your own choices but guidance is usEful.
3. Say yes to every meeting.
4. Having short term doable goals is key. Think about what to do next and then make it happen.
5. If you are affiable and diligent in the beginning, then you will do well. Be helpful, make lots of tea and be friendly. Do a good job and success will come.
6. Stay open-minded.
7. Things are never as bad as they seem with a fresh head in the mornng.
8. Make yourself heard.

FIRST THING: Cupof tea in bed, spinach and eggs for breakfast,
GO-TO-WORKWEAR: A.P.C or Agnes B for A-line skirts, a shirt and statement flats or brogues from Pokit.
INSTA-LUNCH: Always escape the office, eat healthy-sushi is good-and avoid alcohol at lunchtime.
LIFE RULES; Never hav deevices on in the bedroom;it is important to seperate work and home.And exercise is essential three times a wek for clearing your head and keeping you sane.
SWITCH OFF: A long bath surrounded by Diptyque candles.