To seriously impress your friends!

-Beat 2 large egg whites, then gradually fold in 120g sugar until the mixture is shiny and stiff. Mix 50g ground almonds with 1tbsp cocoa powder and gently fold this into the egg-white mix. 
-Spoon it all into a piping bag and squeeze about 60 3cm blobs onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. Now flatten each dollop with a side of a knife and bake them at 180 celsius degrees for 15 mins. Once done, set aside to cool. 
-For the filling, warm 100ml Baileys Original Irish Cream and grate 150g ready-made dark chocolate ganache into the liquid, stirring until it melts. Lastly, add 50g butter in small chunk, and allow to cool until it is a nice smooth piping consistency.
-Give the mixture a good stir, poor it into a piping bag, and dollop a liitle onto 30 of your macaroons. Sandwich them up with the other halves, and you are done!
 Seriously impressive and easy.